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Do not Educate The Northerner

Do not Educate The Northerner




There was a documented policy of the British when they came that the Northerner should not be educated. It was documented. It was British colonial policy. I have the document. I have published articles on it that if you educate the Northerner you will produce a progressive Muslim intellectuals of the type we have in Egypt and India. So, do not educate them. (Emir of Kano,  Sanusi Lamido)

This same policy was used for Yoruba Muslims. It was it that created hierarchy of knowledge. The Christian that went to school and had the first Education became powerful and directors of most of our ministries while the Muslims that were denied dis-empowered.

The policy is aimed at wreak every community that has larger percentage of Muslims. It is to ensure the dominant of Christians over Muslims and to see that Muslims are less value in society.

Anywhere you go to seek for job or admission, and your physical appearance shows you are a Muslim, then, you have lost the job or the admission, except there is a powerful man behind you.  This is how we live in Nigeria today.

From Education, the battle has now been shifted to politics to ensure that Muslims do not become progressive intellectuals.  This is war of intellectuals we can’t be seen with your eyes.