A’awan program {Men programme };This is a soul reviving programme and very educative. It is a training program where members are taken through proper understanding of Islamic creeds based on the Quran and Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic civilization and current issues. Before anyone can be a member of A’awan, such must have been taking active roles in others programmes or as anAsiroh that he is coordinating. It is held over the night and comes up every Monday {or any other day as maybe convenient for the concerned Branches or Zone}.


Ummuahat{ Womenprogramme};Itis a programme meant for both married and unmarried woman members of the organization. There, woman are trained on proper understanding of Islamic creed based on the Quran and Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic civilization, current issues and how to build an ideal family as an offshoot of abetter society. It is a weekly programme.

Daorah; This comes up once every 2 months for the Branches Naqeebs and their officers to re- orientate them on the goal of Islam.

Asheeroh;It is a platform where the new members are being formally introduced and orientated into the organization, most especially the youth. Every already well trained member is involved in this programme that takes place every week after Ishai prayer in various Masajid{ Mosques}. It is also serves as a means of disseminating information to the general public. Apart from this, the organization does organize Asiroh for former thugs, transport union members and market woman to gain their hearts for Islam and or to tame them from their former inequities and waywardness.

Zonal programme {Al-Muhafasah};It is a training forum on dawah methodology where people from the same zone gather together at their zonal headquarters under the zonal Naqeeb. Likewise, it is where the progress report of Asiroh are submitted and discussed.

Tab’yeen {General programme}; This is a generslprogramme for members and non- members  { both male and female}. It comes up on every Friday of the week at the National Headquarters but varies in from branches to branches. It centers on local, national and international issues that affect Muslims and Islam generally.

Women Tab’yeen; This isa general programme for women only. Both the member and non- members are involved in this programme and it is usually based on general issues and the role of women in Islamic development.

The student’s forum; It is where issues concerning students in various tertiary institutions as well as secondary and primary schools are discussed {through it prioritizes on the affairs of the upcoming leaders, that is, the primary and secondary school students}. It is a weekly programme for students only.

Irshad ; This is a monthly or weekly programme { as the case may be} for the general public which entails spreading of Islamic understanding, correction of wrong impression against Islam and addressing issues relating to individual’s life in the society.

Katibah; It is a training session that usually holds in every two months. It involves towns within the branches and it is organized to evaluate and abreast of the levels of developmental activities in the towns. Katibah is divided into four; KatibahAbubakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman and ‘Aliy. Each Katibah has its own supervisor who gathers and passes information to the National body and gets feedback to the Katibah.

Jabua {State / Zonal programme};Jabua consist of Katibah {plural of katibah} and its functions includes supervision of kataib. It is divided into 2; Jabua ‘Umar { Osun, Offa, Kwara, Ekiti and Ondo States} and JabuaSalahudeen Al- Ayyubi {Oyo, Ogun, Ilorin Kwara and Lagos States}.

Qawafidu’IQurah {Villages DA’AWAH}; it is a platform designed to delegate well trained members of the organization to different villages on weekly basis to preach and invite people to Islam {and pristine ‘aqeedah}. Branches are established at those villages and special Arabic knowledge based classes, are organized to teach the villagers and their children knowledge about civilization {Islamic and Western}. Western oriented education as well as Islamic cum Arabic education.

Mu’tamar Palestine; As Palestinian issue is very important in Islam, the organization annually organizes a big conference on Palestine to remind Muslims and sensitizes them on /about its importance and what are the responsibilities of every Muslim towards the actualization of an independent Palestinian State.

Mu’tamar {National Conference}; It is an Annual National Conference that brings together all members of the organization from all over the world. It is the platform whose we communicate to the whole world {through a segment tagged ‘’International Conference within the conference ‘’}, roll out our next projects and re- evaluate our goals, priorities and achievements.




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