A rare gem called Dahood imran Molasan 
Before it got expired now am inspired and will never retire cause have been motivated by someone who got inspired through the great mentor, model who has the direct inspiration and made a great prophet to the great ummah.
My pen ink keep fading before it got exhausted I have to say something.
Am a student of knowledge from Sunni precisely maalik school of thought.

Am really blessed with scholars around me .

I grew up in Lagos state.
Specifically Agege , Alimosho and Egbeda. Where scholars of high intellectual dwells.

The local government with the highest population in Lagos, Nigeria.

After so many experience with shuyookh , scholars. moderate and extremist. I learnt from them and got close to them a little bit.
wallohi they are all blessed. Lagos and southwest at large is blessed with scholars of great vision and proper understanding.

Years later i came across a sheik, a mentor, a motivator,a well mannered scholar, a reasonable scholar, perfect example for selflessness , and man of integrity.
He was nurtured by a sincere _Scholar_ (sheik Abdul baaki Muhammad Rohimohullah ).
Happened to be one of the father that spread Taoheed in South West and go against any innovation.
Gone are those days in Lagos very rare seeing a very group of elderly people practicing sunnah in Lagos Southwest precisely.
I have been to parts of Southwest practising Sunnah but it’s hard to see such SCHOLAR ,father , mother and they are member of ISLAHUDEEN From Baba Baaki..(Olukoagba) school of thought.

They have produced Alot of blessed SCHOLARS in Southwest studying in Saudi And some Arab country.

With full confidence.
I can boldly say Iwo as highest local government in osun today remain the most prominent city that still producing The Sunni SCHOLARS in Southwest.
Walloi which they are all blessing of baba baaki (Olukoagba). Rohimohullah.
At this point.
As a Lagos grown up base.
With adequate exposure and passion for Deen.

I have to say something about this *(GEM)* empton.Builder vissionless SCHOLAR that Also a blessed product of Baba Baaki but very unique (Sheik DAOOD IMRAN MOLAASAN).

As Sunni.we are Never taught to over praise our scholars but nothing deprived us for sharing there good deeds to serve as lessons to others.

This is a scholar that his success is beyond Tinubu as we all knwon is a leader that touches live positively.
Because this is not just scholar that touch lives only but he impart spiritually, physically, monetary and every other good ways you can think of. He is concerned about preparing livingwood for the mass.

-This is a SCHOLAR that doesn’t sleep in his comfort zone most time or lemme say he doesn’t have as his only core his humanity.

-This is a SCHOLAR that worth billions but Ride on motorcycle despite he has two cars.

-This is a Man that many politicial candidates has negotiate with irrespect of the effort to be awarded with millions of dollars but he denied it because of mass interest.

-If you don’t know this he’s a Man that is hidden on the success of Northernal and southernal works together under one umbrella which even AWOLOWO was unable to achieve.

-This is a sheik that established the first Islamic internet radio in Nigeria.

-This is a Sheik
That has won series of award from abroad as best article writter.

-This is sheik
That create a registered madrasal that has produced many people who memorized the whole Quran.

-This is sheik that has built series of health Care And hospitals.

-This is sheik that has successfully Registered COLLEGE OF EDUCATION.

-This is a sheik.
That has empowered thousands of people.

-This is sheik that secured people properties,lives and business with well matured approved security.

-This is Sheik that has a long vision.

I promise when you
Meet the sheik you willvsee him so unique and extra ordinary intelligent.


Sheik DAOOD is an ocean of knowledge that is blessed very fluent in Arabiyya and English.
He has succeded with Alot of product.
Professionals, professors, phD holder, master holder,
Bsce holder, NCE holder and lots of experts.

This is just a gift From Allah that gives to whom he wish.
He is one of hidden scholar to people but cries about the ummah all time.
But well known and praised by many scholars around the world..from Arab world Europe, Asian and it likes.

The Sheik vission is to
1️⃣ established the Deen of Allah on Earth.

2️⃣He wants to save the humanity.

3️⃣he want justice to reign on Earth.

May Allah Grant sheik DAOOD long life and his heart desires.
May Allah continue to strengthen and protect him for the deen of Allah.
I think my pen is now loaded with ink.
InSha Allah.
Be expecting more of my article on Ummah.

*Sincerely Your’s ✍🏻*
*Sulaimon Sodiq Adedotun.*
*Abu MOSAB.(S.A.S)*

*Naqeeb of jamatul Ta’awunu Lagos state.*




As part of activities to mark the annual program of the ISFAG-INTERNATIONAL, Oopo Ibadan, Oyo state headquarters,the group started the activities on Monday 20th of September,2021,with a visitation to the popular Oyiza Orphanage and foster foundation, oke-ado, Ibadan, where the group led by the Oyo state coordinator, Mallam Abdwaasiu Asiyanbi gave words of encouragement to the children.The home staff and the children immensely appreciated the group for the visit and little material outreach and prayed for the success of the group on her mission.

Also,the activities continued on Tuesday with the group embarking on a ‘walk to live’ exercise designed to enlighten the public across Ibadan on the benefits of regular physical exercises on the body.The exercise was also a success as awareness was fully created on the purpose.

On Wednesday,22nd of September,a visitation was paid to the ORANYAN PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER, Oranyan Ibadan,by ISFAG-INTERNATIONAL team who reached out to the ‘strong ones’, new born and mothers, through prayers and well wishes as well as had some interactions with personnel in charge who in turn thanked the group and promised better working partnership with the group for healthy society.

Earlier today Thursday,the activities continued with the organization of free general health check for the Aged ones at Apeloko mosque, Abebi Ibadan,where numbers of aged beneficiaries were medically attended to and they in turn commended the group and rained prayers for ISFAG-INTERNATIONAL.

However,the activities will be rounded off with a 3-day camping programs starting on Friday,24th of September,at the IWO national headquarters of the group .The camping which will feature series of seminars, lectures, spiritual and health talks will formally end the programs on Sunday,26th of September,2021,with many resources personnel and public figures billed to attend.

You too can join ISFAG-INTERNATIONAL now.

Osun At 30: The History Will Tell -Ameer Ta’awun

Anytime we are to reflect or mark the 30 years when Osun was created, the first to be remembered is late Alhaji Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke. He was the first democratically elected governor of the state. Although, his tenure was short-lived, but what he puts in place to advance social economic development of the state, which were universally applauded can never be erased.

When Baba Bisi Akande came, he brought the greatest good to the greater number of people in the society. His exemplary performance in office, today, has been recommended to the nation’s politicians as a typical demonstration, that in Nigeria, it is possible for politicians to place society above self interest. The policies and action of Alhaji Abdul Kareem Adebisi Akande in government, made him truly phenomenal.

Also, the Osun State University is one of the greatest achievements of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola who took over after the tenure of Baba Bisi Akande. There is no how we will talk about Osun at 30 without mentioning his name. What individual contributed to Osun development, history will continue to tell.

Aregbesola, even, if we fail to mention his name, the God who is not like ingrate human beings, will have his name remembered where less expected. In history of the state, as at present, no one has surpassed his achievements. He puts in place, series of programs that have direct impact on the lives of people of Osun, which include, social investment programs, security of lives and property, as well as infrastructural development.

Many of his programs were embraced by the Federal government. The legacy he left, for 100 years to come can never be erased. In fact we all miss his callisthenic programs.

So, celebrating Osun at 30 without Abdul Rauf Aregbesola, the architect of modern Osun will go down in history.

May Oyetola also succeed and leave a good legacy, which will continue to live after his tenure. Above all, the roles that Ta’awun played too, if no one remembers, the history will tell.




It becomes 105 years now that we have become a nation through amalgamation. For people who have nothing in common, whose regions, religions and culture are not alike, one would wonder how come they have lived thus far.  But over more than a century now, Nigeria has been managing her differences and narrowly escaping being fallen apart.

Although, most of nations with ethno-religious and inter-ethnic disagreement  mostly ended up in armed conflict (Congo Dr), or later disintegrated like Yugoslavia, Sudan, Eritrea (from Ethiopia), when they failed to manage their differences.

According to Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, who was reported by the Time Magazine of October 10, 1960 to have said, “There was no basis for Nigerian unity. It was only a wish of the British, indicates that no matter how united we are as a nation, Nigerians will never forget their differences.

Judging this with what is happening in Nigeria today (incessant kidnapping and other criminal activities) and ascribing them to the Fulanis or Northerners is a bad signal to the unity of this country.

How can we live as a united nation when individual values its own region, religions and berates others? We live today as Yorubas, Hausas and Igbo and not as Nigeria. Anywhere this happens the end result will be disheartening.  May Allah protect this nation

Lukman Solahudeen Ayyub


The Root Of Nigeria’s Economic Problems

The Root Of Nigeria’s Economic Problems

The Root Of Nigeria’s Economic Problems.


When a society is hit by crisis, the first signs of revival are caused by the crisis itself. What the crisis does is to shake the society into thinking about what went wrong. Although this thinking process is spread across the whole of society, it is generally more refined among the intellectual circles. Societies can turn crisis into opportunities but the prerequisite is correct diagnosis of the problem. And that is the problem surrounding the economic crisis in Nigeria.

Once talking about Nigeria economic crisis, something that touches every life in the nation, there is no way we will not talk about corruption- a menace that is posing a great challenge to our development,a cog in the wheel of the country’s progress and a torn in the flesh of our national conscience compromising the rule of law and becoming an undesirable way of life.

People do make mention of corruption and usually attribute its cause to bad governance. If those in government are the only corrupt beings, then only an insignificant fraction of our society is corrupt. But thinking of the popular N100 at the checkpoint substituting vehicle documents, N1000 at the airport for easy passage, N10,000 to the Immigration officer for quick passport, N100,000 at Idi-Iroko and Seme border to make the custom men blind, N1,000,000 at Tin-Can to have a reduced tariff or duty, N10,000,000 to the senate committee, N100,000,000 to INEC to change the will of the people, N1,000,000,000 to the presidency for the oil block etc, you will understand that corruption has a grade and cuts across every sector in our dear country, Nigeria.

Some are more harmful than the others but every bit of it is detrimental to our economic system. But,the devastating economic crisis that has dominated our country today has its roots in the wrong diagnosis of the problem, that financial corruption is an individualistic phenomenon whereas it is a global phenomenon which indicates that it is systematic and not individualistic. Therefore, targeting individuals and presenting them as a problem will never solve the issue of corruption. At best it will get rid of one corrupt individual to be replaced by the other. And the cycle will continue as long as the diagnosis is not corrected.

There is also no question about the fact that the economic crisis has historical antecedents. A comprehensive study of Nigeria’s economic crisis reveals that the periods of slavery, colonialism, and neo colonialism have left the Nigerian economy distorted and robbed of its immense possibilities for development. Indeed, economic backwardness indicates that the analysis of the Nigerian economy always begins with the dismal history of the colonial economic policies in the country.

So, the root cause of Nigeria economic crisis that gives birth to corruption is democracy. The emergence of democratic system of governance that led to the colonization of the country has a negative implication on the country’s economic advancement. The colonial economic policies in Nigeria, for instance, discouraged indigenous industrialization, but promoted exportation of crops and mineral production to feed the British factories. The colonial territory of Nigeria served, not only as ready source of cheap raw materials to feed the growing industries in Britain and European states, but also as trading post for the British and European traders and merchants, and at the same time supported the importation of end-products because the British wanted an outlet for her own manufactured products in order to stave off declining domestic consumption, and falling rate of profit at home. The root of Nigeria’s current economic crises can be traced to the emergence of British democratic economic policy.

The ending of colonial rule has not resulted in a complete control of the country economy or political affairs. Nigeria is sovereign states only in name. In reality, it remains under the economic and political control of its former rulers and colonial masters. No wonder their countries are home for Nigeria criminals. As can be seen from the history of many African countries, the achievement of political or flag independence does not automatically lead to economic independence of the nation and ever since independence, the economy of the country has been dependent on foreign markets, foreign aid and foreign technology.

Man’s right to make law, makes it flexible and creates an avenue for the financial and business elites to enter politics because they want to either make laws for themselves or influence the process of legislation. These elites want low taxes, state subsidies, legal routes to transfer money abroad, government building infrastructure which suits their business interests. Can there be an easier way to make money if you get laws made which make you rich? That is why the colonial system of government is anti-people’s government that only encourages corruption and aid capitalist policy. It is a government of some people, by some people on the people and not what you are told it is.

But Islam has provided us the best alternative by not just penalizing corrupt individuals but by taking the right to make laws out of the hands of human beings. In the Islamic system, law derived from Quran and Sunnah is implemented which has detailed rules related to economic and financial transactions being done in a society. Thus no one can amass massive wealth by bending laws, for laws are not allowed to be bent. So, Nigeria economic crisis can be a blessing only if we invest in them properly by abolishing the British colonial economic policies which is the root cause of Nigeria economic problem.

An Islamic economic system is not necessarily concerned with the precise amount of financial income and expenditure, imports and exports, and other economic statistics. While such matters are no doubt important, Islam is more concerned with the spirit of the economic system- Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet.

Islam consists of a set of beliefs which organizes the relationship between the individual and his Creator; between the person and other human beings; between the person and universe; and even the relationship of the person to himself. In that sense, Islam regulates human behavior, and one type of human behavior is economic behavior. Economic behavior is dealt by Muslims as a means of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. In Islam, human behavior -whether in the economic area or others – is not value free; nor is it value neutral. It is connected with the ideological foundation of the faith.

The fundamental sources of Islam – the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet provide guidelines for economic behavior and a blueprint of how the economic system of a society should be organized. The rules governing permissible and forbidden economic behavior on the part of consumers, producers and government, as well as questions of property rights, and of the production and distribution of wealth, are all based on the Islamic view of justice.

With this, Nigerians and Nigeria governments should understand that for economic growth of our dear Nation, fighting corruption is not an option but to abandon the Western system of economic policies and its ideology.


If Nigeria Breaks Up Yoruba Muslims Will Suffocate-Ameer Ta’awun

If Nigeria Breaks Up Yoruba Muslims Will Suffocate-Ameer Ta’awun

If Nigeria Breaks Up Yoruba Muslims Will Suffocate-Ameer Ta’awun


Lukman Solahudeen Ayyubi

When the ignorant speaks among the fools, they will assume they are possessed with wisdom until they are made to realize their sincere ignorance. Only then the foolishness in fools will become obvious.

This is how the National President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen, Sheikh Daod Imran Molaasan yesterday, 13th June, 2021 in Akure, Ondo state capital, described some Muslims who use the social media to attack, condemn, and abuse one another instead of putting their differences aside to fight their common enemies who have started digging their graves in the name of Yoruba nation.


The program, a day public lecture which took place at Akure central mosque, was organized by Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen Akure branch to sensitize Muslims in general on the present situation of the country.

Sheikh described the present situation of Yoruba Muslims as worrisome and something similar to what happened in Bosnia where millions of Muslims were massacred due to lack of understanding, insight and foresight among the Bosnia Muslims when other ethnic, religious groups and warring parties were quietly preparing for war.


“How cam Yoruba Muslims at this critical and dangerous period be so quiet as if Oodua Nation will be their paradise? How are they at peace as if the agitators are only fighting the Fulanis and not their Islam? How would their right be protected and recognized if power falls in the hand of their enemies? All these unsettle my mind” he said.


The chief Imam of Akure, Dr Abdul Akeem Yahya Akorede described these golden words from Ta’awun President as what the present Muslims needed. While thanking the organization and its Ameer for upholding the true Islam, he urged the Muslim youth and those who contribute nothing to the progress of Islam to think twice before the storm breaks.


Do not Educate The Northerner

Do not Educate The Northerner




There was a documented policy of the British when they came that the Northerner should not be educated. It was documented. It was British colonial policy. I have the document. I have published articles on it that if you educate the Northerner you will produce a progressive Muslim intellectuals of the type we have in Egypt and India. So, do not educate them. (Emir of Kano,  Sanusi Lamido)

This same policy was used for Yoruba Muslims. It was it that created hierarchy of knowledge. The Christian that went to school and had the first Education became powerful and directors of most of our ministries while the Muslims that were denied dis-empowered.

The policy is aimed at wreak every community that has larger percentage of Muslims. It is to ensure the dominant of Christians over Muslims and to see that Muslims are less value in society.

Anywhere you go to seek for job or admission, and your physical appearance shows you are a Muslim, then, you have lost the job or the admission, except there is a powerful man behind you.  This is how we live in Nigeria today.

From Education, the battle has now been shifted to politics to ensure that Muslims do not become progressive intellectuals.  This is war of intellectuals we can’t be seen with your eyes.