A rare gem called Dahood imran Molasan 
Before it got expired now am inspired and will never retire cause have been motivated by someone who got inspired through the great mentor, model who has the direct inspiration and made a great prophet to the great ummah.
My pen ink keep fading before it got exhausted I have to say something.
Am a student of knowledge from Sunni precisely maalik school of thought.

Am really blessed with scholars around me .

I grew up in Lagos state.
Specifically Agege , Alimosho and Egbeda. Where scholars of high intellectual dwells.

The local government with the highest population in Lagos, Nigeria.

After so many experience with shuyookh , scholars. moderate and extremist. I learnt from them and got close to them a little bit.
wallohi they are all blessed. Lagos and southwest at large is blessed with scholars of great vision and proper understanding.

Years later i came across a sheik, a mentor, a motivator,a well mannered scholar, a reasonable scholar, perfect example for selflessness , and man of integrity.
He was nurtured by a sincere _Scholar_ (sheik Abdul baaki Muhammad Rohimohullah ).
Happened to be one of the father that spread Taoheed in South West and go against any innovation.
Gone are those days in Lagos very rare seeing a very group of elderly people practicing sunnah in Lagos Southwest precisely.
I have been to parts of Southwest practising Sunnah but it’s hard to see such SCHOLAR ,father , mother and they are member of ISLAHUDEEN From Baba Baaki..(Olukoagba) school of thought.

They have produced Alot of blessed SCHOLARS in Southwest studying in Saudi And some Arab country.

With full confidence.
I can boldly say Iwo as highest local government in osun today remain the most prominent city that still producing The Sunni SCHOLARS in Southwest.
Walloi which they are all blessing of baba baaki (Olukoagba). Rohimohullah.
At this point.
As a Lagos grown up base.
With adequate exposure and passion for Deen.

I have to say something about this *(GEM)* empton.Builder vissionless SCHOLAR that Also a blessed product of Baba Baaki but very unique (Sheik DAOOD IMRAN MOLAASAN).

As Sunni.we are Never taught to over praise our scholars but nothing deprived us for sharing there good deeds to serve as lessons to others.

This is a scholar that his success is beyond Tinubu as we all knwon is a leader that touches live positively.
Because this is not just scholar that touch lives only but he impart spiritually, physically, monetary and every other good ways you can think of. He is concerned about preparing livingwood for the mass.

-This is a SCHOLAR that doesn’t sleep in his comfort zone most time or lemme say he doesn’t have as his only core his humanity.

-This is a SCHOLAR that worth billions but Ride on motorcycle despite he has two cars.

-This is a Man that many politicial candidates has negotiate with irrespect of the effort to be awarded with millions of dollars but he denied it because of mass interest.

-If you don’t know this he’s a Man that is hidden on the success of Northernal and southernal works together under one umbrella which even AWOLOWO was unable to achieve.

-This is a sheik that established the first Islamic internet radio in Nigeria.

-This is a Sheik
That has won series of award from abroad as best article writter.

-This is sheik
That create a registered madrasal that has produced many people who memorized the whole Quran.

-This is sheik that has built series of health Care And hospitals.

-This is sheik that has successfully Registered COLLEGE OF EDUCATION.

-This is a sheik.
That has empowered thousands of people.

-This is sheik that secured people properties,lives and business with well matured approved security.

-This is Sheik that has a long vision.

I promise when you
Meet the sheik you willvsee him so unique and extra ordinary intelligent.


Sheik DAOOD is an ocean of knowledge that is blessed very fluent in Arabiyya and English.
He has succeded with Alot of product.
Professionals, professors, phD holder, master holder,
Bsce holder, NCE holder and lots of experts.

This is just a gift From Allah that gives to whom he wish.
He is one of hidden scholar to people but cries about the ummah all time.
But well known and praised by many scholars around the world..from Arab world Europe, Asian and it likes.

The Sheik vission is to
1️⃣ established the Deen of Allah on Earth.

2️⃣He wants to save the humanity.

3️⃣he want justice to reign on Earth.

May Allah Grant sheik DAOOD long life and his heart desires.
May Allah continue to strengthen and protect him for the deen of Allah.
I think my pen is now loaded with ink.
InSha Allah.
Be expecting more of my article on Ummah.

*Sincerely Your’s ✍🏻*
*Sulaimon Sodiq Adedotun.*
*Abu MOSAB.(S.A.S)*

*Naqeeb of jamatul Ta’awunu Lagos state.*

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