If Nigeria Breaks Up Yoruba Muslims Will Suffocate-Ameer Ta’awun

If Nigeria Breaks Up Yoruba Muslims Will Suffocate-Ameer Ta’awun


Lukman Solahudeen Ayyubi

When the ignorant speaks among the fools, they will assume they are possessed with wisdom until they are made to realize their sincere ignorance. Only then the foolishness in fools will become obvious.

This is how the National President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen, Sheikh Daod Imran Molaasan yesterday, 13th June, 2021 in Akure, Ondo state capital, described some Muslims who use the social media to attack, condemn, and abuse one another instead of putting their differences aside to fight their common enemies who have started digging their graves in the name of Yoruba nation.


The program, a day public lecture which took place at Akure central mosque, was organized by Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen Akure branch to sensitize Muslims in general on the present situation of the country.

Sheikh described the present situation of Yoruba Muslims as worrisome and something similar to what happened in Bosnia where millions of Muslims were massacred due to lack of understanding, insight and foresight among the Bosnia Muslims when other ethnic, religious groups and warring parties were quietly preparing for war.


“How cam Yoruba Muslims at this critical and dangerous period be so quiet as if Oodua Nation will be their paradise? How are they at peace as if the agitators are only fighting the Fulanis and not their Islam? How would their right be protected and recognized if power falls in the hand of their enemies? All these unsettle my mind” he said.


The chief Imam of Akure, Dr Abdul Akeem Yahya Akorede described these golden words from Ta’awun President as what the present Muslims needed. While thanking the organization and its Ameer for upholding the true Islam, he urged the Muslim youth and those who contribute nothing to the progress of Islam to think twice before the storm breaks.


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