Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan

 Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan


Sheikh Daood Imran Molaasan hails from the ancient city of Iwo (the cradle of Islam in Yorubaland) State of Osun, South West Nigeria and born to a Royal family of Alhaji Imran Muhammad Nafiu (Alaloye). He is the founder and National President of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen, the leading Islamic movement in Nigeria that focuses on practical Islam, establishment and empowerment.

He is an international scholar, a revolutionist, a revivalist of international standard, prolific writer, dynamic and momentous grass root Islamic preacher, a man of vision who dedicates his entire life for the liberation of the oppressed majority.

In his struggle to make his Dawah a global standard, he had attended different Islamic international conferences in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Qatar, Libya, and many other countries.

He is the architect of Ta’awun Organization, an Islamic Movement that derives its name from the glorious Quran (Q5vs 3), pin-pointing to the divine responsibility of Muslim Ummah to enjoin themselves every kind of righteousness and refrain from any act of transgression and hypocrisy.

Sheikh Daood stands to promote humanity, protect the purpose of Islam and propagate the message of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). His vision is global and his mission is establishment.


Under his leadership, he had succeeded in:

  • Establishing internet radio (the first Islamic internet radio in Nigeria)
  • Internet TV
  • Al-Qudus Cyber café
  • Information and Communication Technology Training Centre
  • Establishment of Printing industry
  • Production of At-tamkeen magazine and majority newspapers
  • Establishment of Multi media centre
  • Establishment of more than 40 primary and secondary schools across the south west
  • Establishment of Al-Ummah College of Education
  • Establishment of Diploma School in Arabic and Islamic studies (affiliated with university Ilorin)
  • Establishment of Al-Ummah College of Shari’ah and Legal Studies (in collaboration with the Legal and Human Rights Committee
  • Registration of WAEC and NECO examinations
  • Establishment of E-learning centre
  • Establishment of orphanage (home)
  • Establishment of Ta’awun centre for the special needs
  • Establishment of Baytul mal Islamic foundation
  • Establishment of Hospitals management Unit ( with 3 hospitals)
  • Establishment of Islamic First Aid Group (ISFAG)
  • Establishment of Food and Drug Control Unit (FDCU)
  • Establishment of Ta’awun Health Initiative (THI)
  • Establishment of Ta’awun Health Research (THR)
  • Construction of more than 50 Masajid/mosques as centres for Islamic propagation in Osun, Oyo and Ogun state
  • Establishment of Daarul-Islam Institute of Islamic and Vocational Studies
  • Establishment of Daarul Hijirah School of Quranic Memorisation
  • Registration of Senior Arabic and Islamic Secondary School Examination (SAISSCE) for Arabic students
  • Establishment of Baytul Mal for Women in purdah Cooperative Society
  • Establishment of Centre for women development
  • Establishment of construction company, Al-badru Nigeria Limited
  • Establishment of Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (Adult Arabic class)
  • Establishment of Centre for research and human development and many more that are under construction.

With all the aforementioned achievements, he has unequivocally reiterated to his people(and made an affidavit in that respect) that none of the properties is his and none should be made personal property of anybody but should be regarded and treated at all times as endowment/ property of Islam which must not be shared by any individual or group.


















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